Top 7 Programming Languages on trend in 2023   
Top 7 Programming Languages on trend in 2023   

Top 7 Programming Languages on trend in 2023

20th Feb 2023

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For decades, software development has played a crucial part in our daily life, from simple to complex tasks. New technological tools have allowed us to be more efficient as professionals and in our personal life. We learned to lean on technology, demanding more sophisticated software products and digital experiences. As new needs turn out, technology has to improve to satisfy them, forcing programming languages to evolve and enhance to meet the latest demands in the market quickly and efficiently.   

There is no doubt that keeping up with the latest trends in software development languages is crucial for everyone in this industry, from any website or application developer to computer sciences students who are looking forward to creating software platforms that fulfill popular demands. Also, to acknowledge this is also relevant for those looking for better ways to improve their business with new technological tools or upgrade current ones. Doing some research before starting a new software development project will help you get on the right path faster.  

If you are looking for a software company to develop your idea, or if you need to add a new software team to your staff, you must have a general idea of what is on trend, so you can be in a position to ask for it.   

Some programming languages on-demand this 2023 are highly requested because they have demonstrated their effectiveness for particular projects. It is significant to understand that you may not need your software team to apply or use all of these languages to develop your project. Some work better for web development platforms, others for cloud computing, and others for native app development.   



One of the most in-demand is JavaScript, used by software engineers for its versatility and the possibility to add better interactive features to web-application development. It is relevant for being the language browsers understand: most of the functional parts of websites and web applications typically use JavaScript. Also, this language is commonly used for hybrid or native mobile applications. To use the full potential of JavaScript, developers frequently combine it with other programming languages, such as HTML and CSS. JavaScript is great for creating dynamic interfaces that improve the user experience by making them more interactive and attractive.    



Python has become the newest favorite, a programming language well-known for its flexibility, readability, and vast library of modules. It is a multiplatform coding language popular for data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications. Most developers use Python as the primary language to create ERP and e-Commerce platforms. It is ideal for software development projects with lots of information or users. It also works well for scripts and commands, web scraping, and web development projects using frameworks such as Flask or Django.    



A language that keeps gaining popularity is Go (also known as Golang), used by many tech giants like Google, Uber, Dropbox, Netflix, Twitch, and many others, because of its good performance for web development, network server applications, and frontend development. Go is an open-source coding language easy to read and simple to learn for general purposes. Go improves coding with quick compilation and execution speed, portability, memory safety, extensive built-in libraries, and independent error handling. Other particularities are its features, such as static typing, standard library, support for testing, and modular design that allows running unit tests in parallel with writing the code.  



If you want to build high-performance and compatible applications, Kotlin is the programming language to use, and works for any software development project, from server-side to Android or iOS. Using it reduces coding lines by around 40% compared to Java, and its powerful refactoring, navigation, and static code analysis features make programming easier. Apps built with Kotlin are usually perceived as solid and well-built. It is a cross-platform layer for native applications including web, mobile, and desktop platforms, which offers a better user experience.  



The feature that makes PHP more attractive is its open-code nature, which, among other things, makes it easy to get it integrated into databases like SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. It is mainly used to build personalized and scalable web-based systems, improving server and user interface connectivity. PHP is a programming language more often used in the backend, but it also works to build the front end. It is generally easy to learn, as it uses coding blocks and integrated functions.  



For mobile application development or cloud-based service development, C# can contribute to creating high-performance software due to its flexibility and an extensive array of functions. This programming language is class-based and component-oriented, which works great for game development, desktop applications, and service creation. It is used by developers focused on the Microsoft stack, especially for Azure application development.   



For a long time, Java has been an important language for web development. Software companies use it to develop software for mobile devices, data analysis, hardware devices, and others. Being an Object-Oriented programming language, Java can improve services and other system-level applications. It is one of the favorites because using it can reduce the development cycle time and costs, due to its portability. Nowadays, more than 9 million people use it and over 7 thousand million devices.   


Keep in mind that every software development project is different and unique. Your software can be developed with these or other programming languages. Some of them will offer better performance, accessibility, and efficiency, depending on what requirements the product needs to meet.   

Other programming languages in high demand this 2023 are Swift, R, Ruby, C and C++, Matlab, TypeScript, Scala, SQL, NoSQL, Rust, and Perl.   


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